From Start to Finish

Here's how the Whole Process Works

From start to finish...

First Contact

The first thing we need to do when potentially starting a project, is to get to know each other. In order to create a video you are happy with, we need to talk about what your plan for the video is, what your goals are, and what your vision for the finished project is. During this phase we will be brainstorming with each other to come up with a concept that meets all of your desires.

Script Writing

Once we have a concept, we need to break it down into a script. A script is more than just the words that will be spoken or written on screen. The script also describes what is visually happening on screen, and helps set the pace of the video. A solid script is needed to set the timing of the video and guide the rest of the creative process.


Once we have locked down what we want to say and how we want to say it, it's time to dwell on the details. A storyboard is a visual representation of what the sections (or, "scenes") in your video will look like. An artist will draft up some simple sketches of each section of the video. This helps everyone, from the client to the animator, get a clear sense of what the overall vision is, and what the end result will be.

The Magic Happens

Once we have finalized the script and the storyboard, we are ready to start producing your video. This "production" phase is where the heavy lifting happens. The production process involves days, or weeks of animation, voiceover recordings, and the creation of graphic elements. Depending on how involved you would like to be, we can send several drafts for review as we work our way through the production process to a beautiful finished product.

Job Well Done

Hooray, we're all done!
Now you can start promoting your video and start boosting your results. Remember, your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed, so we can keep fine tuning your video until it's exactly what you want.